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About Newtop Products

Shanghai Newtop (craftop) is renowned as professional and leading brush cutter supplier around the world. Our brush-cutters reach far out and spread their benefits to both the commercial & the residential users Cleaning out grass in smaller/larger lawns, gardens or even large fields has become trouble-free with our grass cutting appliances. Our technicians are highly expert and skilled personnel who are dedicated with the vision of RE-designing and RE-developing ultra modern and high tech garden equipments.Along with optimal first-hand machinery, all their spare parts, supplementary/spare accessories and safety gears are available at a call away.

Exporting Countries & Standard Products:

Our qualitative brush cutters are not only admired in local markets, but in the international markets as well. We have been successfully shipping our products to the wholesalers of New Zealand, South America, Australia, Middle east, Europe, Korea & South America. The asking price is quite reasonable and we are committed in providing continuous after sales support to our customers. We have been in the business as an agriculture machinery supplier for quite a long time and have applied the entire Dos and Donts quite professionally. We are verified grass cutter suppliers in Philippines (PH), Singapore (SG), Sri Lanka (LK), Malaysia (MY) and suppliers of brush cutters in china (CN). Also we are certified Brush mower suppliers in China, India, Malaysia and South Africa.

Brush Cutters Catalog:

At Shanghai Newtop we are committed to produce the top-most brush cutter, chainsaws and lawnmowers for long-term experiences. All the merchandise is manufactured using high quality raw materials (HQ/HC). That is why these are all reliable, durable and suitable for various kinds of gardening and agricultural practices. Our brush cutters are available in many different varieties; each particularly targeted for different kinds of gardening designs and cutting/mowing purposes. The products are suited to all kinds of cutting activities and are equipped with all-purpose-cutting blades for maximum outputs For more precise and typical cuttings needs, the blades can also be replaced.

Designed For Performance:

These machines are designed to perform heavy duty tasks and are ideal for cutting older grass as well. Easy to operate and require minimum maintenance. CrafTop mechanisms are really what you always wanted Whether you own a humungous garden or a small backyard lawn, our equipments and tools are ideal for taking care of all cutting, trimming and grooming needs as per your requirements. Being a renowned agriculture machinery supplier we continuously update our products to match the needs of our customers and stay on top of the brush cutter supplier market.

Standard & Portable Design:

These brush cutters are highly portable due to their light weights and are backed by a powerful combustion engine; so as to provide you uninterruptible servicing all day. The long axle allows you to reach into tighter places and clear out grass at the right size & shape The engine produces least noise and vibration, making the brush cutter easy to carry and practice. As a reputable brush cutter supplier, we strongly adhere to quality and safety standards. All our products pass through strict quality checks and quality assurance tests before being dispatched. So why not choose Craftop Trimmers and Brushcutters for cutting forest and terrains including with their accessories and brush cutting blades and other specific services related to the garden maintenance. We offer grass cutters and grass cutting machines at reasonable prices in USA. Now you can order Petrol brush cutters easily from Ukraine, Germany, and Austria. We deliver the most advanced machinery because we are brush cutter manufacturers in Taiwan and wholesale brush cutter suppliers in India (IN).