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Contact Person: Ms. Karen Xia
Phone: 86-21-51692011
Mobile: 86-15921970994
Fax: 86-21-51692022

Above Par Garden Tools Supplier and Advisor/Informer to help you get the best front porch ever!

Our ^Historic Legacy^:-
Shanghai Newtop Machinery Co. Ltd has a history of producing world class gardening equipments for its valued customers around the globe. We have been credited as the pioneers in inventing high tech gardening tools. Continued efforts and our commitment to provide quality and state of the art tools and equipments rapidly turned a small company into a massive enterprise having worldwide recognition growing with each second! We are now one of the leading chainsaw manufacturers and other garden tools supplier in the whole world.

Wide Ranged ^Tangible Goods and relative Services^:-
As a renowned garden tools supplier our main emphasis is always on producing quality products. Having years of experience in the field of manufacturing garden tools, we take pride in developing such tools which have made gardening much easier and enjoyable. Our research and development teams is constantly involved in identifying the needs and requirements of the modern era and work tirelessly in developing tools which are easy to use at an affordable cost. Some of our well-known products include chainsaws, brush cutters, lawnmowers, hedge trimmer, etc. All of our products have a strong and sturdy design. They are highly efficient in fuel or power consumptions providing maximum performance. These tools are designed for both commercial and residential usages and with a little maintenance they will give you years of complain-free service. We also provide parts, replacements and accessories and guarantee complete support to our highly esteemed customers. We have an after sales support staff dedicated to provide our customers with relevant support in case any queries arise. We believe in building relations and trust rather than focusing on returns.

We Promote ^Gardening^ Practices with a ^Thumbs Up^!
Gardening is a very healthy activity and a great pastime as well. Unfortunately due to today's fast pace lifestyle, gardening was abandoned by many as it is time consuming and painstaking. Shanghai Newtop Machinery Co. Ltd was quick enough to bridge this gap by combining modern technology and garden tools in a perfect blend. As a result people started taking interest in gardening and thankfully gardening revived. We have all sorts of customers from young children to busy business which is a proof that gardening is now flourishing. Hence we have played our role as a garden tools supplier for the betterment of the environment by promoting gardening.

Our ^Aims and Fames^:-
As a reputable and responsible garden tools supplier, our prime focus is on developing equipments and tools which can meet the requirements of modern gardeners. Developing such garden tools which are user friendly, highly affordable and efficient is our aim. For this our research and development team strives hard for developing garden tools which can withstand the test of time. We believe in continued improvement without compromising our quality. Our aim is to keep our existing and new customers satisfied by providing high tech gardening tools.

^Certifications and Endorsements^ that take us a step forward:-
We have been recognized in national and international markets as trustworthy and proficient garden tools supplier and a brush cutter manufacturer. All of our products are tested for their performance and reliability by going through strict quality check and quality assurances. We are not only sincere to our customers but also to our staff as well. Our well maintained and highly secure working environment speaks for itself. Our certifications, endorsements and testimonials are a proof of our quality and performance and the high class working environment which we have maintained throughout our offices and production zones. We have been able to grab many prestigious certifications like EURO II, CE, GS and EPA for providing products of international standards. We are also an ISO 9001-2000 certified company. All of this has been possible due to constant hard work and dedication.